The Obstacles

The Double Tunnel

Dive right into the double tunnel, you’ll have to feel your way round and watch for that bend as it can get pretty dark in there! No water in this one but watch those knees on the gravel.

Peter's Pool

Just what you need to wash off that mud, a walk through more than waist-deep water, don’t forget to use the rope for support.

Sheep Dip

The ultimate obstacle and the one that even the toughest Commandos with vast experience have nightmares about. Just dunk your head in and let your Royal Marines helpers guide you through.

Stream Wade

Just jump right in and WADE to the end. Up to the waist in water, depending on the weather of course!

Smartie Tube

Discover your inner Royal Marine with a Commando Crawl through this one, you’ve got water, gravel and mud in here so enjoy!

Single Tunnel

Another single tunnel.  Depending on the weather you never know what you will find on the tunnel floor!

Single Pebble Tunnel

Like the Smartie Tube but this devil of a tunnel has a bottom full of gravel - make sure you protect those knees!

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