Terms and Conditions

This event is organised by and raising funds solely for Devon Air Ambulance Trust and The Royal Marines Charity. Any entrant found to be raising funds for another charity may have their entry cancelled. Any entry fee paid will be non-refundable.

Collection and Use of Information

By entering the RMCC you acknowledge and agree that the organisers can store your personal information for use only in relation to the event.  This includes but is not limited to medical information provided being passed on to third party medical personnel only in the event that medical treatment is required at the event.

Use of Images

I recognise that various photographs, video recordings, and other media will be taken during the event. I agree to grant the organisers full permission to use any photographs, video recordings, or other media of the event that contain me for the purpose of promoting the event, or for any purpose deemed appropriate by the organisation


For safety purposes, I agree to refrain from using headphones whilst taking part in the event.

Age Limits

All participants must be 16 years of age or over on 8 October 2016. Entries for those aged 16-18 on the day of the RMCC must have their entries authorised by a parent/guardian.


You must wear long sleeves and long length legging or similar.  You can wear fancy dress. Knee/wrist/elbow pads are recommended but not obligatory. Supportive footwear is also essential. Make sure you bring a change of clothes.  Bins will be provided if you wish to throw away your muddy and wet clothing. If in doubt or you have any questions please contact us.


A free Royal Marines Commando Challenge ‘Challenge completed’ t-shirt will be given to everyone taking part who has raised £50 or more for our charities (Devon Air Ambulance “DAA” and The Royal Marines Charity “TRMC”) – subject to the terms and conditions stated below.

  1. Monies to be raised offline or online via JustGiving or VirginMoneyGiving
  2. A minimum of £50 should be raised and received by the Organiser by 30 November 2018 to qualify for a t-shirt (excluding Gift Aid)
  3. Where there is a team page/fundraising t-shirts will only be allocated when a sum equal to at least £50 per team member has been raised
  4. Request or redemption of t-shirts is not necessary as these will be automatically allocated can prob come out as we will be asking sizes at point of entry
  5. RMCC reserves the right to supply an alternative gift or to cancel the promotion at any time.
  6. Free t-shirts will be posted to eligible fundraisers within a month of completion of the event to the address on the entry form who have a postal address within the UK
  7. If your postal address is outside of the UK a postal fee will be payable; by credit/debit card prior to posting
  8. RMCC takes no responsibility or liability for any lost or damaged gifts
  9. Participants shall be responsible for ensuring that the contact details they provide are up to date and accurate
  10. All participants warrant that all information they submit is true, current and complete, including any new address if applicable during the entry and event time period
  11. Any data collected will be used:

    (i) to contact the eligible participants in the event of any queries re monies raised

    (ii) to post the t-shirt

    (iii) the above is in addition to the terms and data information contained within these terms and conditions


If you are unable to take part in the event for any reason your entry fee will be non refundable and will be classed as a donation.

If the event is unable to take place due to unforeseen circumstances
, the organisers will be entitled to postpone or cancel the event. In such circumstances, the event organisers will email you.  

Your entry fee will be non-refundable and the event organisers accept no other liability to you for any costs or expenses you may incur as a result of that postponement or cancellation.  In the event of cancellation online sponsorship monies will be returned to the donor. If you have taken monies re sponsorship personally you are responsible to return this to the donors.

The event organisers also undertake to promote postponement/cancellation on all of their social media channels (Facebook and Twitter)  The charities being supported will also advise via their website, social media channels and via local radio where possible.  It is your responsibility to ensure the event organisers have a valid email address for you.  If you should change your email address please email fundraising@daat.org with your full name, date of birth, old and new email address.