Speak like a Commando

The Royal Marines, like most military organisations, have developed their own slang as a means of self-identification. 

Here’s a short glossary of terms to have you talking like a Commando (or Bootneck) by event day in October.

Threaders: angry, fed up. I’m absolutely turbo threaders about the football score

Gen Dit: genuine story. Honestly mate, gen dit

Hoofing: excellent, amazing. That hot wet [cup of tea] was hoofing

Pitchers: dark. It’s pitchers tonight

Run ashore: short leave or a night out on the town. A run ashore with my oppos [colleagues]? Hoofing!

Gucci: good, new and/or expensive equipment. That is a Gucci piece of kit

Essence: attractive or in good physical condition. That Marine is essence

Gopping: nasty, horrible, unenjoyable. That exercise was totally gopping

Wet/whet: warm beverage. Can I get a hot wet?

Redders & Icers: boiling hot and freezing cold. That exercise went from redders to icers

Scranning: eating. All you ever do is sit there scranning

Grots: Marine bedrooms.

Hanging out: suffering badly. I'm hanging out after the yomp

Yomping: marching long distances. We've got a 30-mile yomp tomorrow

Bootneck: nickname for a Marine. Derived from the leather Marines used to cut from their 
boots and wrap around their necks to stop their throats being cut