How to train for the Commando Challenge (Part 3 of 3)

Ok guys, here’s my final blog to help you get in shape for the Commando Challenge. Yes you’ve guessed it, your training is going to get an upgrade!

Get Ready Marine!

Just like any other event you don’t have to be as fit as a Royal Marine to complete the Commando Challenge. However, the fitter you are then the more you’ll enjoy your Commando experience!

Speed circuit progression

If you felt my previous circuit helped increase your fitness level, then you’re now in for a treat and you’ll be taking your fitness to the next level yet again.

Here I’ve designed two versions of my circuit progression for you to try…

The first circuit we’re going to use the same 10 low impact exercises from our previous circuit but again please feel free to change them. As before, aim to do 3-4 circuits with no more than 1-minute rest between each circuit and choose between 20-30 seconds or 10-15 repetitions on each exercise. So now we’re going to add a sprint (approx.15 meters) between each exercise. Once you start then there’s not stopping till exercise number 10!

Warning order: This type of speed circuit is very demanding!

Press Ups – (Sprint out and back between each exercise)    Crunches      Squats    Dips      Hip Raises         Lunges    Bicep Curls    Lying alternate elbow/knee also known as bicycle crunches or reverse crunches.    Squats or try Squat Jumps, Jump Leaps or Box Jumps.  Dolphin Press or Plank (aim for 30’s-1 minute).

After a 30 second rest (more if needed) perform these exercises with 10 repetitions 3-4 times through:

Jumping Jack    Straddle Jumps    Spotty Dogs    Fast High Knee Raises    Jog on Spot

Or skipping for a minute or two. You’ll obviously need a large area for your sprints either in your garden, local park or gym. However, my second version has been adapted for a smaller training area such as your front room or patio area. Here I’ve exchanged the sprints with static cardio high intensity exercises. Just perform these 20 exercises with no rest till exercise number 20. As above repeat 3-4 (or more) times with just 1-minutes rest between circuits. You have the same options for time or repetitions on each exercise.

1Press ups2Jumping jacks3Crunches4High knee raises5Squats6Spotty dogs7Dips8Junking jacks9Hip raises10High knee rarises11Lunges12Spotty dogs13Bicep curls14Jumping jacks15Lying alternate elbow/knee also known as bicycle crunches or reverse crunches16High knee raises17Squats or try squat jumps, jump leaps or box jumps18Spotty dogs19Dolphin press or plank (aim for 30 seconds to one minute) Jumping jacks

Go! Go! Go for it with these tougher exercises

Make your circuits even more challenging with these tougher metabolic exercises. Metabolic exercise simply means when you perform an exercise that uses multiple joints and muscle groups. These exercises will put a greater demand on your body for oxygen up take and will rapidly increase your heart rate to a higher training level.

Burpees, Squat thrust, Alternating squat thrust, Mountain climbers, Squat Jumps.

Spice up the challenge

Try something new to spice up your training. Simply by adding different and new exercises will help you stay motivated and focused. So, use your imagination with Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Sandbags. Add exercises to your workouts that include these fitness tools to help keep you on track.

Another favorite training method of mine is Farlek training which will add great variety to your training programme. I’ve added a link here to one of my earlier Commando Challenge blogs for more details about Fartlek training.

They say a change is as good as a rest, so why not go and try a new exercise class at your local gym or community center? These alternative classes don’t have to be hard core but could offer you a little break from your harder type training!

Back to basic training

As high intensity exercise puts a great impact and stress on our bodies, I always recommend that every now and again you go back to your basic training with the strength circuits. The low impact, low intensity exercises will help you to not only re-strengthen your muscles and tendons but will also help you to stay injury free.

And finally

Thank you for taking the time to read my Commando Challenge training blogs. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my 3 blogs and that they’ve helped you to structure an effective training programme. Everyone if different so please feel free to take what you want from my training ideas and adapt them to your own training requirements.

Keep up the good work guys and I wish you all the very best with your training. If you’re attending Saturday’s Commando Challenge, then I’ll see you there. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns regarding your training.

For more training and nutritional advice please see my website for additional blogs.

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